Sunday, 22 July 2012

Our Grandson

I was reminded this afternoon that, with his first birthday also passed, I still have not posted a blog about the arrival, and progress of our first grandchild, a boy - Quinn Mackenzie Stalenberg.  So very remiss of me indeed. And I crave Quinn's forgiveness.

Quinn -  as you read this some time in the distant future, realise your Opa is beginning to suffer from occasional memory lapses. Many have cruelly called it early onset Alzheimer's - but don't believe them. Others claim it is the result of over-indulgence in things vinous -and sadly I'm compelled to admit they may have something there !

Quinn was born to our son Michael and his wife Rebecca (Bec) on June 4, 2011. And a much anticipated arrival it was. We were treated to multiple facebook and private entries on his pre-natal progress, and since then have haunted Mike and Bec at every opportunity for multiple photographs and You-Tube clips.

So Quinn i now 13 months old and is already showing signs of being a lively, intelligent, inquisitive, and delightful boy full of personality. He has passed all the important milestones of teething, crawling and mischief making expected of a 1-year-old and more. He has learnt to swim and has a good voice, which is exercised at all the right times.  Last week, he finally got his wish and talked his parents into buying a new car.

So welcome Quinn - We miss you and wish we could share much more time with you. - Rest assured that when we return permanently to Oz, we will assuredly make up for lost time. Temporary kidnappings may be required !!

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