Wednesday, 26 November 2008

A bit more about work


I’ve been very lazy in my writing – nothing on the blog since September 22. My mother-in-law and her friends have noticed!!

Hard to actually believe time has passed so quickly. But that’s a bit how things go at times. As when we were “at home” (where’s home these days ????) life gets caught up in the mundane happenings of what has to be done every day. Up for work, shopping, cooking, sleeping, a bit of exercise, visit a few friends and so on. Before you know it the weeks have gone. And there haven’t really been too many momentous events since September. Both our work has gone on as normal.

My challenges with the senior management of the school continue – Will they ever “get it”? ……………….. Sometimes I wonder. ............... But then there are some leaps forward at times too and I mustn't discount them – like the signs that the middle management team (Heads of Department) are really beginning to grow into their role, taking on increasing responsibility and actually making things happen in the school. Last month we had a parent evening in the school. I’d designed it as a curriculum expo type evening. All the departments were asked to put on a display and show what was happening in their departments. And they did. We had science experiments, displays of student work, curriculum books – all much like I’d have “back home” – albeit on a more basic level. And over 120 parents attended. ……… and then the boss was supposed to get a parent council selected/elected. Oh well – 2 steps forward and one step …...............

Still, need to keep focussed on the hits rather than the misses!

Cheryl’s challenges continued at her work as well ……But she can tell you about that some other blog-time!……….

One major happening for us has been the departure of our dear friends Moraig and Brian. They left us mid November to flit back home to NZ and then off to St Petersburg. We have grown very close over the 12 months we’ve known each other. Cheryl actually “met” Moraig before we left Vanuatu – on the net. This has left a significant hole in our life and social calendar for it was rare for us to go more than a week without sharing some kind of outing, dinner or other event with them. However at time of writing the actual location of their new adventure is up in the air again – another victim of the economic situation. Still, part of the wonderful journey of our brief 2 years O/S is that in both Vanuatu and the UAE we have made some friends for life. And with each we have made a pact that we will meet up somewhere in the world every year.