Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Our lovely little girl in Vanuatu

I have just realised that I didn't put anything up on the blog about my trip to Vanuatu recently. One of the main reasons for going was to catch up with Neneth and Morsen and meet my little piccinni blong Vanuatu - Kiosha Sandy. 

She was just six months when I was there and cute as a button. She looks just like her Dad. I met her real grandma, Ruth, (of whom I am very jealous) and her great aunt (Miriam) and other family members. I am known as her "Granma blo Aussie" - Grandma from Australia! Here is a pic of her and her Mum, Neneth. Unfortunatley Morsen was out of the country when I got there so I missed him but have caught up on Skype and email.

In this pic Kiosha was having her first taste of a strawberry milkshake and she loved it!

In the meantime! I just can't keep up!

Well such a lot has happened since my holiday in Australia and I just have not had the time to update this blog.

We had a lovely weekend in Muscat with Liz and Mark Stevens.  We stayed at the Grand Hyatt - Very POSH! and visited the souk at Mutrah. There is a long story that accompanies this trip but it is one better told over a dinner table! Here are a couple of pics!

We have also been to a wedding on a dhow on Dubai Creek. Sarwat and Nauphael looked divine and it was a truly lovely and befitting celebration for an important occasion. I had a "Shalwar Kameez" made and some of the girls from Sarwat's school came in saris and other eastern dress. It was fun and the food was great and the evening was fabulous. More pics here

We have also had a couple of nice weekends in Dubai and a visit to Abu Dhabi and we are off to a 50th birthday party this weekend and a Ball next weekend. No stopping us really!

Ron is doing his Master's degree through Newcastle Uni. I have been chief research assistant and also helping garth and Neneth with their studies!

When I was back in Australia I also visited Vanuatu to see the YCV people and catch up with some volunteers........YES - I have been busy!