Sunday, 26 August 2012

Lake Como - a lovely day out

It was difficult to post to our blog while on the road with the iPad so I decided not to try and to wait until we returned home. Back in Abu Dhabi now and reminiscing I thought I had better get this information up before we totally forget it all - surprising how the memory of a holiday fades quickly as you get back to normal.

Having had a good look around Milan we had a day to fill iin and decided to take the train to Lake Como. The trains are frequent and efficient and clean. Although the seat allocation is a bit dubious. We would have been happy to go second class but the ticket seller ignored any notion of understanding us enough to book second class and insisted that we go first class - obviously we looked like tourists with money!

So off we went to Lake Como for the day. On Arrival at the railway station we could see a "scar" on the hillside and were told that it was the funiculare! Well we both love going to the top of hills and getting in a good look at the surroundings so off we went to find the funiculare station on bus number 4. Here are some photos from the top and also from the bottom. It was a lovely warm and sunny day and nice to be out walking.

It is late summer in Italy at this time and all the flowers are out and the trees have their leaves. It was lovely to see green countryside and water after the desert of the UAE.

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