Friday, 3 August 2012

Visiting Italy again

Once again we are in Italy.We have commenced this holiday in Milan. I have to say I really do love this country for its ancient archictecture and the coffee!
We spent the first day getting our Italian understanding up to scratch and Ron has slipped nicely into his few Italian phrases with no trouble at all and the Italians really respect that - they go the extra mile if you just give it a go. However I need 6 months in one place before I am confident of a few phrases so I simply pass the baton to Ron.

A modern day contraption that has served us well in many large cities is the double decker rideon/getoff/getbackonagain bus trip. Milan has 2 circuits and we have done both of them now several times. Of course Milan is famous for the Duomo, a Catholic Cathedral that took over 600 years to build. It is spectacular, both inside and out. It is also the financial and economic capital of Italy and is one of the fashion centres of Europe.
Here we are on the big bus tour of Milan

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